Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Creme



A nourishing eye crème that diminishes the appearance of discolouration. Powered by a dark circle-fighting peptide, it restores a healthy, well-rested look to the eye area. Patented peptide technologies support the appearance of brightness and tone.



Vectorize Technology™ delivers a complex of encapsulated brightening ingredients time released up to 48 hours for a long lasting intense effect. Plant stem cells prevent aging while protecting skin’s own stem cells and power peptides reduce wrinkles due to facial expressions as well as relaxes crow’s feet.

Skin Type: Dark circles, loss of radiance, puffiness, lax skin, ageing eyes.


Apply morning and evening by patting a pea-sized amount with fingertip to upper and lower eyelids and around the eye area.

Key Ingredients:

VECTORIZE TECHNOLOGY® (brightening delivery system) Unique complex of active ingredients delivered into skin in a sphere. Prolonged effectiveness and deeper penetration into the skin; time released up to 48 hours.
SYN®-TC Patented tri-and tetrapeptide technology this combination peptide sequence significantly increase dermal collagens as well as DEJ collagens, improving skin firmness, elasticity and visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Eyeliss™ Prevents bags under eyes, decreases capillary permeability, increases lymphatic circulation, improves firmness and elasticity
Haloxyl (N-Hydroxysuccinimide, chrysin) Reduces dark circles by 19%, activates the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color and local puffiness
Beautifeye™ Lifting action on sagging skin. Strengthens dermal structure. Significantly fades dark circles. Reduces crow’s feet by 34%.
EyeSeryl® Decreases capillary permeability and puffiness, improves elasticity, anti-glycation
Malus domestica fruit cell culture (plant derived stem cell technology) Protects own skin cells, prolongs skin cell life
REGU®-AGE PF (glycine soja protein) Improves and protects microcirculation and the integrity of the collagen and elastin bundles, minimizes puffiness
Belides NP (bellis perennis L.), daisy flower blossoms Saponins, polyphenols with strong melanogenesis inhibitory effect. Twice as active as Arbutin. Skin brightening up to 30% versus untreated.
BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) Oil soluble, stabilized form of Vitamin C, antioxidant, clarifying and brightening activity, stimulation of collagen, inhibition of MMPs
Illumiscin (olea europaea leaf extract, ascorbyl glucoside, zinc PCA) Prevents and actively works against producing age spots and pigmentation Tyrosinase inhibitor Skin brightener
Licorice extract Natural skin brightener
Cucumber Healing, strengthens skin’s acid mantle
Epilobium angustifolium stem extract (rosebay) Canadian willow herb Reduces irritation caused by UV radiation