Element Rituals


Earth Element
60min /$115
75min / $140

Associated with the body this treatment ritual will have you feeling more grounded, secure and with greater ability to act proactively and produce more tangible and positive results with you feet firmly on the ground.


De-Stress Back Massage
Warm Bamboo Leg Massage
Invigorating Back Exfoliation
Harmony Facial & Facial Massage
Earth Grounding Foot Treatment

WATER Element
60min /$115
75min / $140

Possibly one of the most important elements in our lives associated with our emotions. This treatment will assist you to keep in touch with your feelings and help to clear any cloudy thoughts or mental clutter. Feel as though you are purifying your soul while slip away and float on cloud nine.

wat-copyFoot Cleansing Ritual
De-Stress Back & Décolletage Massage
Facial Bliss
Bright Eyes Mask & Booster
Hand & Arm Treatment

AIR Element
60min /$115
75min / $140

Associated with the mind, this journey will help soothe and clear any areas of negativity. Incorporating the mediative and calming “Amethyst” crystal this treatment will encourage renewed energy and thought therefore promoting peacefulness, patience and contentment.

airGentle Awakening Body Brushing
Crystal Balance Massage

Balancing Facial
Third Eye Opening Massage & Mask
Harmonising Scalp Massage
Crystal Wand Foot Massage

FIRE Element
60min /$115
75min / $140

Related to energy, throughout this journey you will experience warmth and comfort while anointed hot stones glide over your muscles releasing muscle tension, stess and fatigue. Filled with vitality and energy just like the water that flows over them, these stones encourage an exhilarated healing process that energises your body hence raising your spirits with a new zest.

airHot Stone Back Massage
Invigorating Back Exfoliation
Facial & Hot Stone Facial Massage
Hot Stone Foot Massage
Indian Scalp Massage